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Dog Stuff We Love

We love our local independent pet retailers and encourage you to purchase your products at stores in your community when possible. If you don’t have access to these local resources, here are some online options.

Food & Water Bowls

Basis Water Bowl

Basis Food Bowl

Weathertech Stainless Bowls

Enrichment Toys

Lick Mat

Large Snuffle Mat

Medium Snuffle Mat

Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy, beginner (easy)

Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy, intermediate

Interactive Treat Puzzle Toy, advanced (hardest)

Seek-a-Treat, advanced

Organic Cotton Toy, small

Cotton Hemp Ball

Durable Ball, Water Friendly

Treat-dispensing Toppl Stuffable Toy

Flying Disc


Car Ramp

Wisdom DNA Panel

Embark DNA Panel

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